1. This document is written in the female gender for convenience of the reader only, however this document refers to persons of all genders.
  2. Please read the terms of use carefully. The terms and conditions set forth in this document (hereinafter the “Regulations”) apply to any User who chooses to use the Website system services (hereinafter: the “Website”). Any User of the Website by any means of communication (hereinafter: “User”) states that she is aware of the terms of use of the Website and accepts them, and that she and/or anyone on her behalf shall not have any claim and/or lawsuit and/or demand against the Website, the Website owners, the Website operators and/or anyone associated with them, other than claims related to a breach of the Website’s obligations according to the terms of use.
  3. The Website is a virtual store owned and managed by “D. L. Design and Manufacture of Leather Products Ltd.” co. no. 511905663 (hereinafter: the “Company”).


Use of the Website:

  1. The Website may contain links to various sites. The Company’s management bears no responsibility for information contained in these links and for the use of them.
  2. The Company offers various products for sale on the Website - in quantities, according to prices and under the terms as it shall see fit and according to its sole discretion. The Company has the exclusive right to add to the products offered on the Website and/or to detract from them from time to time according to its sole discretion.
  3. The Company does not undertake to maintain an inventory of all the models and/or the products appearing on the Website. A preliminary condition for the confirmation of a sale is that the product is in stock. Therefore, if the Company will not be able to provide the product to the User due to lack of stock, the transaction will be canceled and the Company will credit the User with the amount paid by the User, or it will cancel the charge on the User’s credit card, and in this case the User will not have any claim or lawsuit against the Company in this regard.
  4. The images of the products displayed on the Website are for illustration purposes only and they do not bind the Company. The Company reserves the right to update the products offered for sale from time to time according to its sole discretion.
  5. If an error occurs or is detected in the product description, in its price, in the payment terms specified next to it, in its image, or in any other detail concerning the product or in the data obtained from the User, the Company may cancel the order, at any time up to the time the product is delivered to the User without this being considered a breach of an agreement on its part.
  6. The Company reserves the right to update the product prices and/or promotions and/or shipping tariffs from time to time at its sole discretion. The valid price of the order is the price when the order has been completed, including obtaining the Company’s approval for the credit card charge (hereinafter: the “Order”).
  7. All the products sold on the Company's Website are offered for sale in NIS and include VAT according to law. The prices do not include shipping fees. The Website and/or the Company reserve the right to offer and/or to change from time to time terms and costs for shipping and/or exchanging and/or returning (hereinafter “Shipping Terms”), including, but not limited to free shipping, at their sole discretion. The binding shipping terms will be the terms that will be in effect at the time of order and/or exchange and/or return, as applicable.
  8. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the Company may prevent the User from ordering products on the Website in one of the following cases:
    • If the User provided incorrect information;
    • If the User has committed an act or omission that harms or that could harm the Website and/or any Company and/or any third party;
    • If the User uses the Website services to perform an illegal act or in order to enable, facilitate, assist or encourage the performance of such an act;
    • If the User has previously avoided paying for products purchased on the Website and/or in the Company’s store.
    • If the credit card through which the User requests to pay for the order has been blocked or restricted for use in any manner;
  9. After entering the order details, an email message will be sent to the User, according to the email address entered into the system, that the order has been received including the details of the order. This notice only constitutes confirmation that the order has been received, it does not constitute payment confirmation and it does not require the site and/or the Company to provide the products.
  10. Orders on the Website will only be made by credit card. A preliminary condition for completing the order is receiving an approval of the credit card company for the charge on the card it issued, by which the User requests to make the order. The charge for the order will be made immediately and subject to the approval of the credit card company. If the credit card company's approval is not received at the time of order, contact will be made with the User by email or by telephone. The order will not be valid without charging the credit card. The Company may condition the supply of the product to the User by the cardholder’s signature, after being identified by an appropriate certificate on the credit card voucher at the time the product is delivered.
  11. Orders made after 3pm will be received on the following business day.

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