The Grandmas Campaign

Spring 2024

This Israel's Family Day, we celebrate the timeless beauty of grandmothers, whose love and wisdom grace us with enduring elegance.

We chose four grandmas and one mom for our Spring 2024 campaign. They've raised families, built homes, and pursued careers. Joining us for coffee, they model our new collection and share stories about family, fashion, and life. It's Grandma Time: Daniella Lehavi, Spring '24.

Now is the perfect moment to celebrate grandmothers and mature women. They're not just beautiful faces but entire worlds: wise, confident, with careers and their spheres. They know what they want and answer to no one. This Family Day, let's shine the spotlight on what was once seen as outdated and archaic but has transformed into an inspiring, confident, warm, and powerful figure, particularly this year.

Take for example Pazit Sheleff, a clinical psychologist and actress, at the age of 68. She is a mother of 4 grandchildren and shares during the photo shoot of the new collection, "Being a woman is a privilege. There's something unique about feminine power and insight. Don't hesitate to use it." She also encourages everyone "not to give up on dreams" and explains how, as someone who always loved to play and considered it a hobby throughout her life, she decided 20 years ago to elevate it and turn it into something more professional. "I learned not to give up, and that it's possible to have both. The power is in finding the balance without giving up on the dream." In our conversation, she also suggests compromising. "Not in the sense of giving up but in the sense of understanding that no extreme is good to stay in. You need to find the middle ground without giving up on what's important."

Leora Yanover Yarkoni, 68, from Ganei Tikva, is a grandmother to 4 grandsons and a mother to 3 daughters. She is a retired teacher and shares, "It's a shame I can't skip over the children and get straight to being a grandmother, but I love being a grandmother. They ask me to go back to being a teacher but I want to be available for my grandchildren, and there's no chance I'm going back to the classroom." Holding the Bonnie bag, she suggests, "Don't take everything seriously, don't get angry. Sometimes you need to know when to let go and move on. Nothing is worth the pain and arguments. I believe that in most situations, you can move on without giving up on the dream." Additionally, she has a message for women: "It's never too late to do anything. The fact that I'm here, modeling for Daniella Lehavi's new collection is great proof. It is a fun day, a kind of dream. We're all getting dolled up, dressing ourselves. We all play at being models. It's just great fun."

Bilha Keydar, 72, is a mother of 3 children, and two daughters (Yaara Keydar, a renowned fashion historian and art curator, and Dikla Keydar, an award-winning author and creator whose latest series 'The Lesson' won international awards). She is a grandmother to 6 grandchildren, whom she loves very much, and is involved in the field of communication therapy, hearing rehabilitation, and fitting hearing aids. "I've been living in Ramot Hashavim for many years," she says, "and I hope that the situation will improve - then we can truly say that everything is perfect." Holding the Bonnie vegan bag, she deliberates on which color to choose and praises the bag's ease and functionality. "I learned to be more forgiving," she says in the interview. "I learned not to butt heads with everything. On one hand, go with my truth, but on the other hand, also accept the other." Finally, she adds, "You need to enjoy life. They are short, and you need to maximize them. The kind of insights we learned how important they are in recent months."

Michal Levin, an insurance agent soon to celebrate her 60s, is a mother of 3 children and a grandmother to 2 grandchildren. "Life begins with grandchildren," she laughs. She is photographed for the campaign and is filled with excitement. "I came to pamper myself," she says, "and it's a little gift to myself." With age, Levin learned "to breathe, count to ten, know that some things sort themselves out, and what doesn't - doesn't." She also notes the past few months as a life lesson: "You need to know how to acknowledge what you have because nothing is self-evident," she says. Her message to women is powerful: "Everything is okay," she explains, "You can do everything, and whatever you want, reach out and take it."

The last to be photographed is the youngest among them: Limor Ferder, an architect and interior designer, mother of 4 children. At the age of 54, she loves the sea. She also speaks highly of the Bonnie bag, the vegan bag that aligns with her worldview of reducing consumption and caring for the environment. "I'm for the world, and just like I go around with a reusable cup, considering the environment - that's how I like that the bag is made from recycled materials. I love Daniella Lehavi's Bonnie because it speaks in two languages: day and night. It's not formal, it's exactly me." Additionally, she shares that with age, she learned that "Less is More - the less you have, the more you have. I believe that fewer things are needed, I feel better with it." In the spirit of the current situation she comes with an empowering message: "These days, I believe more than ever that you need to enjoy the moment. Grant yourself freedom because it doesn't come alone. And most importantly - try to find love."

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