The Assia Family

Fall 2023

femininity, career, and family

Fifteen years after the iconic photo of Daniella with the Asia family's daughters was taken, all the women of the family gathered to launch the new winter collection and to continue the tradition that Daniella Lehavi had set from the brand's early days: to celebrate life to the fullest.

It was in 2008. Around Daniella gathered her sister Dalia and her daughters Dida and Dana. They were joined by her sister-in-law Naomi, her daughter Ya'el, and her daughters-in-law Mor and Nili. It seemed like a regular family photo, but its power stemmed from the sacred trio between femininity, career, and family – a combination that Daniella had always believed in.

Those who look closely at the photo will recognize her sister, Dalia Feld, who founded the popular magazine "People and Computers" in the 1980s and currently serves as the CEO of a media and events organization. She is known as Israel's first futurist and served as the president of the Futurist Association for about a decade.

Alongside her are her daughters Dana, an event and conference producer and a mother of two, and Dida, a jazz musician and composer.

Daniella's sister-in-law, Naomi Asia, also shines in her own right. Naomi is a lawyer and a mother to Ronen, Yoni, and Yael. She is also a grandmother to 12 grandchildren.

Beside her is her daughter, Yael, a partner in the foundation "Viola" and a mother of three, as well as her sister-in-law, Mor Asia, a partner in the "iAngles" foundation and a mother of five. Also present is Nili Asia, an accomplished suspense novelist (her books "Case Iya" and "Case Odessky" have become bestsellers and received critical acclaim), and a mother of four children.

"When we were thinking about the new winter collection, I remembered this iconic family photo," shares Ori Lehavi, Creative Director and owner of Daniella Lehavi (and father to Dani). "And I recall telling myself that I am surrounded by an amazing family, filled with strong women, each with her path. But all of them are, in fact, women larger than life, like most women in this world, those who do it all: forging independent career paths, navigating through life, and not giving up on family life and children. Just like my mom, who raised me and simultaneously built a brand of bags and shoes."

Therefore, the photo of the Asia family daughters with the new collection is a natural connection, fitting together seamlessly like a glove on a hand (or like a pair of Daniella Lehavi shoes on a foot): it's a collection that celebrates women's lives to the fullest. The bags and shoes are designed to serve the women who purchase them – and not the other way around. This collection features stylish and flat moccasins alongside quality classic sneakers with a contemporary twist, as well as a range of ankle boots in various leathers and colors. Additionally, the collection includes a wide array of bags, where you can find bags in various sizes and styles (from evening clutches and small pouches) to crossbody bags and large totes for those who like to carry their whole world in their bag. Perfect vegan bags can also be found (if it's not sold out), which have seen tremendous success beyond the sea.

This is a collection meant to provide women who shine in it with the perfect accessories, so they can continue on their path. Bags and shoes that will accompany the heroines of everyday life through their professional tasks, family experiences, and those moments in life that, even if no one documents them, are worth capturing – mainly for themselves.

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