Fall 23-24 Color Guide

Embrace the Season in Style

As autumn's golden hues and crisp air draw near, it's time to dive into a captivating palette that mirrors the beauty of the season. This fall, Daniella Lehavi unveils a color guide that celebrates the essence of fall fashion with three remarkable shades.

The Twisted Brown

Step into the world of luxury with Twisted Brown, a versatile shade that complements brushed leather, hand-painted leather, and textured leather bags. This rich and earthy tone adds depth and warmth to your accessories, making it a must-have for the discerning fashion connoisseur. Whether it's the subtle sophistication of brushed leather or the unique character of hand-painted leather, Twisted Brown elevates every bag to an exquisite masterpiece

Chilly, darling?

For those seeking a touch of cool elegance in their fall fashion, Cherry Darling is the ideal choice. This cold and invigorating color palette is perfect for small bags and moccasins. It adds a vibrant twist to your ensemble, effortlessly blending style with comfort. Cherry Darling captures the essence of the season's changing leaves and crisp air, allowing you to make a statement while staying cozy.

To Emerald City, please

A Fashion Forward Tribute to the Wizard of Oz: Prepare to be enchanted by the season's surprising color, Emerald Green. Inspired by the Wizard of Oz and its iconic Emerald City, this hue takes center stage in our fall collection. It's all about embracing green in bags for the fashion-forward. This bold and whimsical choice allows you to channel your inner wizardry and embark on a fashion journey that's truly magical.

The Dawn Of Grey

The resurgence of gray is undeniable, with silver hair leading the charge in a stunning fashion renaissance. Gray has reclaimed its status as the color of the season, boldly asserting itself as the epitome of fashion-forward elegance.

It's the hue that invites you to embrace your authentic self, celebrating the beauty of individuality. In a world that often seeks vibrancy, gray reminds us that understated elegance can be equally captivating. So, don't be afraid to don shades of gray - it's not just a color; it's a statement of style and self-assuredness.